Aqua Hot Head

Aqua Hot Head

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    Hot Head™ microwavable deep conditioning heat cap.

    This Aqua Hot Head pairs a whimsical fabric with an aquamarine terrycloth, bringing you into the magical world of mermaidsWear your favorite side facing out or alternate them depending on your mood.

    • 100% 30-day money back guarantee
    • Eco Friendly – Handmade with all natural materials 
    • Reversible and Reusable 
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Easy to use - Salon quality treatments in your home
    • For all hair types and textures
    • Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment
    • No cords, No fuss - Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair



    Hot Head™ dramatically improves the results of your favorite deep conditioner, hair masque, oil, or other hair treatment. Without heat, your treatment can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair. Typically, the cuticle is closed, so the treatment is only able to work on the surface of the hair shaft. The results are minimal and superficial when compared to heat enhanced deep conditioning treatments. Hot Head enables the hair cuticle to open for an extended period, allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing it from the inside out. 

    Shower caps are essential when using Hot Head! Save yourself a trip to the beauty supply store and add on a 10-pack of disposable shower caps. Or better yet, check out our eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic shower caps below!                                                   

      Image result for Earth friendly icon. Size: 102 x 95. Source:

    Biodegradable options Biodegradable shower caps (plant-based)

     Reusable options Luxe reusable shower cap (black) | Luxe reusable shower cap (cream)

    While you're at it, why not enhance your treatment with one of our scented spritzers?

    Explore your options Sugared SpritzerDark Coconut SpritzerCitrus SpritzerLavender Spritzer 

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    1. Hot head

      Ugh this feels like I’m at a spa all I’m missing is some cucumbers for my eyes and I’m in heaven on Jan 16th 2021

    2. A great investment

      This is most definitely one of my great hair investments for 2020. I cant believe I've gone this long without one. on Dec 26th 2020

    3. Hair

      I had severely damaged hair from a horrible salon experience so I not only wanted BUT NEEDED to stay away from hot air heating tools and this TREMENDOUSLY helped all my other hair mask/hair treatments perform to their full potential. So thank you on Nov 25th 2020

    4. Great for deep conditioning

      I had a gel cap before this that I would heat, but it was wildly uncomfortable to wear. The hot head is fabulous--comfortable, functional, and natural. I love it! on Sep 21st 2020

    5. Open

      I was pleased with the product’s appearance, and Its material and feel. The product came well packaged and in spic and span condition.
      Unfortunately, the regular size cap was too small / tight on my head so I had to return it. I must now wait for caps in extra large to come back in stock. I will reorder as soon as the extra large size is available.

      I would like to commend the company on the fulfillment of their 100% satisfaction and easy return policy. I found both to be especially true.

      I look forward to doing a full product review when the extra large size comes back in stock, and I get to actually use it.
      on Aug 20th 2020

    6. Great product

      I really like the fact that i can deep condition my hair and still do things around the house. I enjoyed it so much i took pictures with it on and sent it to other family members. Again this is a great product. on Jul 24th 2020

    7. Quality product that works well!

      This cap is very well-made and very easy to use. I love it!

      It’s a great way to get nice, moist heat for a deep conditioner without the drying effects of electrical or hot air type heat applications.

      I love that it’s cordless so you can go about your business while you’re deep conditioning your hair if you wish and the fit was perfect.

      (If you use clips or rollers in your hair while using this product you might want to consider the extra large size.)

      I’m very happy with my purchase. It was just as advertised.
      on May 10th 2020

    8. Love***

      I love this product. It randomly popped up on my timeline and I’m never the type to just order stuff just because. I genuinely wanted to try it for my daughter and I. She loves it just as much as I do. I would definitely buy again and refer to others. on Apr 10th 2020

    9. Amazing!

      I started caring more about my hair health and wanted to maximize my hair mask treatments. I saw this brand had great reviews and they were so right! This cap is well made and the mermaid design is so cute! The shipping was so fast, I was impressed! The cap held heat very well and seems like it'll continue to due so for a while. I'm so glad I decided to purchase a hot head instead of a less quality item on Amazon. If you love your hair, you need this! on Feb 20th 2020

    10. Hot Head Does What It Says...

      I really like this product. I used it for the first time last week. I followed all the directions for heating the cap and then covered my deep-conditioned hair. My hair is getting dryer with the cold weather, so I followed the directions for extended wear/use. I definitely felt like the heat helped the treatment penetrate my hair - just like the deep conditioning treatment I get at the salon. Extremely happy with this purchase!! on Nov 12th 2019

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