Pumpkin and Cream Spritzer

Pumpkin & Cream Spritzer

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    Warm - Add a spritz of this creamy pumpkin scent to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap for a fall inspired experience.

    • Created to spray on Hot Head heat caps
    • Extend the life of your Hot Head - Spritzers add the perfect amount of moisture, allowing the flaxseed to retain its heat producing capabilities longer
    • Our spritzers add a touch of playful, invigorating or relaxing aroma to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap
    • May be used as a linen spray or air freshener as well
    • Infused with essential oils

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    1. Great scent, doesn't last long

      I love anything pumpkin, and this spray is heavenly! It smells incredible, but unfortunately, the scent doesn't last long at all. I sprayed just before microwaving, and the scent lasted for about 5 minutes after removing it. I deep condition for about a half hour, so it was a bit of a bummer that the scent didn't stick around for the whole conditioning session. on Apr 29th 2020

    2. Love love love

      I love everything pumpkin and was so excited when I saw these. They smell amazing! on Jan 14th 2019