Thermal Hair Care, Inc. was founded in the spring of 2014, on the premise of providing quality hair products and exceptional customer service.

Meet our founder.

As a professional hairstylist, I knew the importance of regular deep conditioning treatments using heat to open the hair cuticle. As a busy new mother, however, sitting under a hooded dryer was no longer an option. I needed an easy and functional way to deep condition my hair at home. A commonly prescribed method from salons, like the one I worked at, was to wrap a warm wet towel around your conditioned hair when doing treatments at home. One fateful day while caring for my son, I was using this cumbersome towel method and had an Aha Moment! The idea of a hair cap, filled with heat-producing flaxseed, came to mind. And so, Hot Head™ was born!

Thermal Hair Care, Inc. is a grassroots company that has grown one satisfied customer at a time since its very humble beginnings. I have always believed in providing quality products and exceptional customer service, which has remained at the heart of this company, even as it's grown. I am also proud to say that Hot Head is handmade locally by our team of skilled seamstresses!

Hot Head is the original flax filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap. It is allowing people all over the world the freedom to achieve the results of a salon-quality deep conditioning treatment at home with ease.

I hope that Hot Head will be an invaluable tool in your household, just like it is in mine.



 Founder | President