Dark Coconut Spritzer

Dark Coconut Spritzer

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    Sultry - Add a spritz of this deep, rich coconut scent to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap, for a luxuriously delicious experience!

    • Created to spray on Hot Head heat caps
    • Extend the life of your Hot Head - Spritzers add the perfect amount of moisture, allowing the flaxseed to retain its heat producing capabilities longer
    • Our spritzers add a touch of playful, invigorating or relaxing aroma to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap
    • May be used as a linen spray or air freshener as well
    • Infused with essential oils



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    1. love this!

      I love coconut scents so much but some times they can smell really fake and not that great but this one is awesome!!! on Mar 21st 2022

    2. Deep Coconut

      The scent of the Dark Coconut Spritzer is amazing! I really like that it's not a sugary sweet coconut but a warmer scent closer to the actual smell of a fresh coconut. The spritzer is also great for keeping the hot cap moisturized.
      For the best enjoyment of the scent, I'd also do a pump or two on the outside because it's harder for the scent to get out if your head is blocking where it was sprayed (noticed after using the spritzer on a cloth heating pad and getting the full experience).
      on Jan 28th 2022

    3. Smells Great!

      All I can say is GET IT! Thank me later! on Sep 27th 2020

    4. Dark coconut spritzer

      This added a feeling of relaxation to the whole process of waiting. It smelled really good and it’ll last a long time because one spritz was ENOUGH! on Jul 21st 2020

    5. Great Smelling Scent

      The dark coconut fragrance is very strong and intense just like I like it. I have three kitties and it works great in their play room... on Nov 21st 2019

    6. Lovely

      Smells so good ! Very satisfied on Sep 30th 2019

    7. Love

      This spray smells so good. I love coconut/vanilla scents, especially for the winter... I almost wore mine as a fragrance. Great product. No complaints. on Jan 30th 2019

    8. Wrong Scent

      I ordered the coconut spritzer, but I received the lavender version. An honest mistake, I'm sure, but I'm not a fan of lavender. I did not contact the company about such a small item. on Jan 15th 2019

    9. Smells wonderful!

      This was part of a mix and match gift set. Dark Coconut. I love it! on Dec 6th 2018

    10. Spritzer

      It smells amazing!! on Nov 2nd 2018