Lavender Spritzer

Lavender Spritzer

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    Tranquility - Add a spritz of relaxing lavender to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap, for a spa-like experience.

    • Created to spray on Hot Head heat caps
    • Extend the life of your Hot Head - Spritzers add the perfect amount of moisture, allowing the flaxseed to retain its heat producing capabilities longer
    • Our spritzers add a touch of playful, invigorating or relaxing aroma to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap
    • May be used as a linen spray or air freshener as well
    • Infused with essential oils 

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    1. Smells Great

      I ordered 1 bottle and it is really a great product it smells so pretty will order again on Sep 21st 2021

    2. Spray is so relaxing

      The Lavender spray smells great and is so relaxing.... on Mar 29th 2021

    3. Lavender goodness

      I love this smell! It is like I am at a spa , would highly recommend! on Jan 22nd 2021

    4. Best smelling Lavender!!

      This is one of the BEST smelling Lavender sprays I've ever used. It's strong, a little goes a long way! And definitely spray away from your face, the mist from the spray is so fine it carries and does not taste good! Lol. on Oct 15th 2020

    5. Great Spray

      Love Love Love this Spray, great Lavender smell. Doesn’t smell or feel artificial. on Jul 6th 2020

    6. Yes!

      Lavender is my favorite scent and this spritz did
      Not disappoint! Gave a spa like feeling.
      on Jun 25th 2020

    7. Smells so GOOD!

      I love the smell and the spa feeling it gives. 100% Recommended! on May 22nd 2020

    8. Lovely

      I loved the spray incorporated with my deep conditioning. It is a great addition to my hair care routine. on May 13th 2020

    9. Um Um GOOD!

      This spritzer is AMAZING! Its a great addition to the thermal cap. Many caps smell sour after continued use but this spritzer combined with the natural smell of the flax seeds...Smells divine all the time! on Nov 11th 2019

    10. Lavender Spritzer

      Easy to use and smells great!! on Jul 12th 2019