Lavender hot head spritzer

Lavender Spritzer

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    Tranquility - Add a spritz of relaxing lavender to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap, for a spa-like experience.

    • Created to spray on Hot Head heat caps
    • Extend the life of your Hot Head - Spritzers add the perfect amount of moisture, allowing the flaxseed to retain its heat producing capabilities longer
    • Our spritzers add a touch of playful, invigorating or relaxing aroma to your Hot Head deep conditioning heat cap
    • May be used as a linen spray or air freshener as well
    • Infused with essential oils


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    1. Lavender Spritzer

      Easy to use and smells great!! on Jul 12th 2019

    2. Spritz-Tastic!

      I love essential oils and have been using them for 3 years! The thought never crossed my mind until I purchased my conditioning bonnet to be infused - with heat - while I condition my hair! my mood was uplifted, I cleaned the house while my hair and head were under Spritz-Attack! Spritz on! Great addition to a self-catering routine. on Apr 2nd 2019

    3. I wish.

      I wish I could review the lavender spritzer, but I didn't receive it. When my package arrived it had the coconut spritzer, and as I needed everything else for my daughter's hair the next day, I just went with it rather than send it back. The coconut was fine, but I think I would have much rather preferred the lavender. on Mar 24th 2019

    4. Love all their sprizters

      These are my favorite scented sprays. on Jan 14th 2019

    5. Love it.

      Great lasting smell. Used it also on some clothes-it works waaay better than the fabric refreshers you find in stores. on Aug 30th 2018

    6. Smells nice!

      I'm not entirely sure if it actually extends the life of the product, since I've only used mine twice so far, but it smells really good! It makes me feel like I'm in a spa. Definitely worth the price. on Aug 27th 2018

    7. Great smell

      Very good smell, not overwhelming. I used it in my Hot Head cap and two sprays was perfect. on Jul 26th 2018

    8. Soft fragrance smell

      The smell of the lavender spritz was really light. on Jun 29th 2018

    9. smells nice

      I like this one. wished there were more favors on Jun 10th 2018

    10. Fresh and not overwhelming

      Love this. Smells great and does not give me a headache. I am not usually a lavender enthusiast, but I must say, it smells like summer :) very nice!
      I am actually using it to scent my dogs beds, the bathroom, ect. Even a little squirt on the dog back, makes them smell wonderful and they don't seem to even notice. Great product.
      on Mar 1st 2018