Chic Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Chic Hot Head

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    Hot Head microwavable deep conditioning heat cap.

    Solid black terry cloth on one side, with a reversible leopard print on the other. This print is chic and sophisticated, yet perfect for the wild side in each of us! Wear your favorite side facing out or alternate them depending on your mood.

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    • 100% 30-day money back guarantee
    • Eco Friendly – Handmade with all natural materials 
    • Reversible and Reusable 
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Easy to use - Salon quality treatments in your home
    • For all hair types and textures
    • Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment
    • No cords, No fuss - Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair



    Hot Head™ dramatically improves the results of your favorite deep conditioner, hair masque, oil, or other hair treatment. Without heat, your treatment can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair. Typically, the cuticle is closed, so the treatment can only work on the surface of the hair shaft. Compared to heat-enhanced deep conditioning treatments, the results are minimal and superficial. Hot Head enables the hair cuticle to open for an extended period, allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing it from the inside out. Shower caps are essential when using Hot Head, so check out our eco-friendly options below!                                                        

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    Biodegradable options Biodegradable shower caps (plant-based)

     Reusable options Luxe reusable shower cap (black) | Luxe reusable shower cap (cream)

    While you're at it, why not enhance your treatment with one of our scented spritzers?

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    1. Hot head

      My first time using it and I really love it. It made my hair soft. on Jan 3rd 2023

    2. My hair is so moisterized!

      If you have dry hair this is your best friend. Get you one right now! on Dec 26th 2022

    3. Cheetahtastic

      I bought this to replace the one I had. The print is so cute! I'm happy with the replacement! I use the heating cap to pre-poo and deep conditioning. The heating cap is the bomb! on Jun 12th 2022

    4. Life Saver

      What a different this has made to my hair. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends. on Dec 29th 2021

    5. Love my Hothead

      Love my Hothead. Great buy! It achieved everything it was meant to do. Followed the instructions and I did a 45 minute deep conditioner and my hair felt so soft. It kept the heat throughout. Looking forward to next week to use this outstanding product. on Nov 8th 2021

    6. Love my Hot Head!

      I’ve used my Hot Head once and love it. Even though I didn't get it hot enough, it still stayed warm for the 20-25 minutes I had it on. My hair stylist noted how soft my hair is so it must be working! on Oct 20th 2021

    7. Perfect Treatment

      The cap get just hot enough to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver nutrients! It stays hot long enough for a proper treatment as well. I do like that it'f you're not ready to rinse, it holds in heat for extended wear. It's super cute and fits nice and snug. The instructions couldn't be any clearer. I'm really happy that I don't have to deal with a noisy dryer while watching a movie. I also can clean and do other things while treating my hair. My boyfriend is in on it too for his hair! If you are trying to figure out if it's worth the price, I'm here to sway you in the direction of YES! on Jun 13th 2021

    8. New one

      I just replaced the one I had. I Love it! I use it every time I wash my hair. on May 19th 2021

    9. Easy !

      Convenient and easy to use, while doing other things. on Feb 25th 2021

    10. I LOVE THIS!

      Once heated in microwave, it remained warm for a long while. Very nice over a hair mask and plastic cap! on Feb 25th 2021

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